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At Shannon Lawn and Landscaping, our team has been installing mulch for 30-plus years at 1000s of properties within Fairfield and New Haven Counties in Connecticut.

Mulch is crucial to everyone’s property. Mulch’s main benefits are:

  • Protecting your plants
  • Giving your shrubs, plants and trees the moisture, they need, keeping them cool against heat and sunlight, protecting them from pests and weeds
  • Enhancing the decorative curb
  • appeal with a fresh layer of mulch on current flower beds
  • Adding contrast, texture and depth to your landscape depending on the color you choose.
Mulching your existing flower beds can be a tedious and back-breaking project. Let our experts handle your mulch this spring whether it is for existing flower beds or for a new landscape install.

We do it all at Shannon Lawn & Landscaping. Our team consists of experts in lawn care, landscape design, landscape install, sod installation, drainage, masonry and more.
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