Sod Installation

Did your lawn suffer last year after a hot summer? Or did you move into a new home where the previous owners did not take care of their lawn? Many lawns across Fairfield County are dead, patchy or full of weeds. Let our teams correct your lawn problems with a sod installation. Sod will give you instant lawn success and here is why:

  1. A sod lawn produces an “instant lawn.” The most popular benefit to sodding is the fact that there is no lingering wait to be able to enjoy a gorgeous green yard. When you sod, you are getting a huge head-start to be able to use your lawn for regular activities like playing or entertaining. A seeded yard takes a significant amount of time to grow in (typically 18 months), leaving your yard looking bare and unattractive. Sodding is usually ready for activity after three weeks, allowing it to be a fast lawn-planting option that adds immediate beauty to your home’s outdoor space.
  2. Once installed, sod requires less irrigation. Newly planted sod should typically be watered twice a day for the first couple of weeks. Seeding a lawn can require up to four or more waterings per day to maintain the ground with the necessary moisture required for proper seed germination. This can be costly and time consuming.
  3. Sod makes for a denser lawn. When sodding, pieces are fit tightly together to get a lush, even lawn. There are no bare spots in a sodded yard that would require extra work, like reseeding for example.
  4. Sod prevents soil erosion. Upon sod installation, sod controls dust, mud and erosion because it is already fully mature. Sodded turfgrass is a quick and excellent filter of dirt and dust from your home.
  5. Sod is grown by professional turfgrass farms, giving your lawn a strong foundation. Our sod is grown on the best soils using superior growing and maintenance techniques.
In the long run, a sod installation can save you money over time if you are re-seeding each season. At Shannon, our team has perfected installing sod and many customers are so happy they went this route. If your home has a large or small area of turf that needs to be redone, think about us for your sod installation. It will be a relief when you can walk outside the same day and see a green, lush, healthy lawn instantly.

We install in Stratford, CT, Shelton, CT, Trumbull, CT, Monroe, CT, Fairfield, CT, Easton, CT, Milford, CT, Orange, CT, Woodbridge, CT, Westport, CT, Seymour, CT and Oxford, CT.

At Shannon Lawn and Landscaping, our team has been installing mulch for 30 plus years at 1000s of properties within Fairfield and New Haven Counties in Connecticut.

Mulch is crucial to everyone’s property. Mulch’s main benefits are:

  • Protecting your plants
  • Giving your shrubs, plants and trees the moisture, they need, keeping them cool against heat and sunlight, protecting them from pests and weeds
  • Enhancing the decorative curb appeal with a fresh layer of mulch on current flower beds
  • Adding contrast, texture and depth to your landscape depending on the color you choose.
Mulching your existing flower beds can be a tedious and back-breaking project. Let our experts handle your mulch this spring whether it is for existing flower beds or for a new landscape install.

We do it all at Shannon Lawn & Landscaping. Our team consists of experts in lawn care, landscape design, landscape install, sod installation, drainage, masonry and more.
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